Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Now, since my past post, I've received emails agreeing with my stance but only one defending this chick. Asking me how is she a whore and blah blah, bullshit. Let's see, we know she cheated on two of her past boyfriends. That's a whore move right there and making videos and taking pictures of herself and distributing is also whorish. 

Moving on..........

She's an awful, God abandoned person because she cheated not once but twice: 

In her mind, she didn't cheat but she was emotionally distant from the guys as the relationship fell apart, with no attempt on her part to save it. While distancing herself, she would find herself closer and closer to another guy. 

One of the guy's that she slept with while she had a boyfriend contacted me as well in the past year, admitted to me that she had slept with him while she was with someone. That someone doesn't currently know as they are still together (I feel bad for him) that she fucked one of her closer guy friends last Spring. 

Anyways, back to her thinking she didn't cheat...I found this specific post of hers to be hilarious:

I guess she vomits whenever she looks at herself in the mirror...or she bets she could since she is a fat piece of shit. 

But seriously, Cheyenne, take your own advice: stop dating and out yourself from reproducing...the world doesn't need more self entitled whores and fuckboys that have half a brain.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do you know a girl named Cheyenne Rachel Gigli of Budd Lake? This ugly, fat feminist bitch right here?
Cheyenne Rachel Gigli

Ugly ain't she? Like seriously, look at that face, it's the face of an attention seeking whore. Oh, and guess what she is? If you guessed an attention seeking feminist bitch whore you are correct.
And if you're a friend of hers, before you go "oh geez, another person who hates this cunt made yet another blog page" stop right there. I don't hate her, I loathe her. I wish every little bad thing that can possibly happen to her to happen. Why? She deserves it. If you care to receive evidence of my claims and see why I hate this bitch so, email me @ cheyenne.gigli@gmail.com. Go for it, I'm waiting to see how you attempt to defend your pathetic little friend and say how she's not a whore. I mean, if she wasn't, then why did she film this:


Like seriously, who would video tape themselves doing that when there's a possibility it might be leaked? Oh, I know! It's on a website for her webcam, lol. Fucking slut, damn. Wonder if you even make 5 dollars since you're so damn ugly. 

I feel bad for her boyfriend, she's been cheating on him for a WHILE. It's not like the entire campus doesn't know that by now. It's quite pathetic honestly that someone like her is allowed to even go to college, I guess Chestnut Hill College feels bad for the poor fat beast.

Then again, look at her entire family: 

They're all fat fucking pigs. Like damn, do they shoplift that food? Cause I know they aren't affording that on the money that her piggy mother provides for them. 

Anyways, I'm done for now. I'm disgusted looking at all these pictures of this ugly wildebeest. 
Peace out and see you next time.