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What the Fuck Did I Just Watch?! O.o (In a Good Way): Mawaru Penguindrum

POTENTIAL "SPOILERS" (if you could call them that) FOR EPISODES 1-5!!! You've been warned, so please do not cry to me if I tell you something you didn't want to know yet.

Okay so the other day, looking for a new anime to get in to watching, I was sifting through my want to watch list and after a couple minutes of not picking anything, my boyfriend points to a random one and is just like "here, try that". Turned out to be Mawaru Penguindrum, an anime only on the list because of a recommendation from my best friend. Going into this I did not even bother to read a summary, I knew nothing apart from it being a comedy involving cute penguins and a sick girl. My boyfriend being less into anime than me, was even MORE clueless, and so our adventure begins.
So it starts out with some guy on a philosophical rant about fate, this bored me a lot and I'm like "seriously? this is supposed to get funny?" but I watched on. Later in the episode shit got wacky, the sick girl, Himari, and her big brothers go to an aquarium, they see penguins, and Himari gets this terribly out of style hat with a penguin face and what looks to be long pigtails. Next she'm serious, she just dies. As her brothers are crying, the aforementioned hat makes her eyes glow pink, talk in a weird voice and oh yeah, she's brought back to the hat. O.o

So yeah this hat basically turns her into some alien/supernatural being of some sort (at it's own will, not all the time) and in its infinite benevolence decides to extend her life. Mildly confused by this point but whatever, it's anime right? I've seen weirder. Basically there's this thing...scene...I don't even know but whenever she's about to transform she just screams "Survival Strategy" (don't ask what that means, I don't know, it isn't explained, you're just kinda supposed to accept it) and then a strange trippy transformation scene happens with a catchy tune to match. This scene involves bright colors, some other worldly space pod thing shooting on tracks then it opens revealing a giant robot bear and then Himari's other form with the hat comes out like she's hot shit. There is then another giant robot bear and her brothers appear in this cyber-looking world in...handcuffs? O.o By this point it resembles some kind of pink, happy, cyber-dominatrix incest scene...minus the sexual innuendos...but handcuffs and what she's wearing?! Looks a little something like this.
At this point I'm just like "What the fuck did I just watch? O.O" and my boyfriend's addition: "Did we just get high?" (which is funny if you knew how staunchly against any sort of drugs we are). This happens pretty much every episode and at episode 5 I'm still not sure exactly what it is or why it's portrayed this way. She stands there calling her brothers useless human beings...or something to that effect, and tells them that she will keep their sister alive and in return they need to find the 'Penguindrum' for her. What is the penguindrum? No idea. Does she explain it? Of course not, what? do you expect this to make sense at this point? So yeah they need to find this penguindrum, and like any good anime hero they decide to put their hearts and souls into finding it to save someone they love (I do believe they stole a page from Ichigo's handbook). Of course the weirdness can't stop here. At some point they get a really heavy package in the mail. What's inside? Well some ice and 3 blue ovals, like the top of something poking out, one of which has a pink bow. We later find out that they are actually 3 little blue penguins, sent to help them find the penguindrum. Oh yeah and only people in their family can see (and apparently feel) them.

They are easily one of the best things about this show. One penguin for each family member. They are named Penguin 1-3, creative right? Now it's easy enough to just count them collectively as one character, but interestingly they all have very distinct personalities which is pretty awesome, my personal favorite is Penguin #2. Penguin #1 is a pervert who reads porno mags (see right), looks under girls skirts and shoves his face in girls vaginas...somehow they do not feel some invisible being between their legs...or they're just all whores and are so used to the feeling they simply don't notice. Penguin #2 is the quirky one, he tries to eat everything and therefore often winds up with everything from berries, to other penguins in his mouth, commonly stealing people's lunches. He also likes to spray bugs...not really sure why...there's just occasionally some random bugs so he just pulls out a spray can and sprays them. I've learned not to question this after the pervert penguin who's into humans. Penguin #3 being Himari's penguin and therefore the only female, she likes to knit and wear wigs, again, no explanation for the wigs.

Just because this show isn't quite weird enough yet, in the second episode (I'm pretty sure) we meet this other chick, Ringo. First of all, weird Survival Strategy, penguin-hat wearing Himari tells her brothers that this girl has the penguindrum, and they need to get it from her. Over the course of an episode or two they stalk her, break into her house, go through her shit and have the penguins follow her with a camera...all to no avail. Well DUHHH guys, considering you don't even know what this penguindrum is in the first place. Oh and yeah I neglected to mention that Ringo is also a creepy stalker, she lays under this teachers house at night fantasizing about marrying him and listening in on his life (yes, she bugged his house). She just...her entire existence basically revolves around getting this guy (much older than her) to marry her...he has no idea she even likes him and has something of a girlfriend. She also becomes Himari's best friend just cuz Himari is that kind of person.

So yeah...this anime is pretty weird, definitely one of the weirder ones I've seen, up there with Gintama, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, Pani Poni Dash! and Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan. Its's really good, don't get me wrong I'm actually enjoying it, it's just weird. Even the mechanics of the show are weird, like the background people look like floating bathroom sign people (see left), and honestly I can't tell if this is done as a joke, like how Pani Poni Dash! background people all look EXACTLY the same, or if it's just simply a low-budget anime and they couldn't be bothered with normal background people. Whenever there's a flashback they also need to announce 'FLASHBACK' with a cutaway seen with a black box and explain to you the context of the flashback, which I thought was kinda different. In all seriousness though, give this a try, unless you hate all things cute and funny, try it, it's actually really surprisingly enjoyable.

Okay so I know I said I was quitting, but I've kinda missed this and I've been trying to get more back into anime again and I really don't have anybody to talk about it with anymore,  so I figured maybe doing blog posts just at my leisure without much planning and not so seriously might help. That might mean less Top 10 lists since they took a lot of planning, but whatever. I also tried to be a bit more chill and just funnier and rantier with this. Comment please!! =D

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Hey all, I'm sorry to tell you I'm thinking of just dropping this blog project all together. I can't write in the funny, sarcastic, ranty way that I rant about anime in real life, it comes out sounding either stupid or too formal. I'm just having issues writing lately in general, even an original story I tried to write I had writers block (something that's never happened to me before) and no motivation to write the story from point A where I was, to point C where I wanted to go.

Honestly a lot of this is because of lack of feedback from readers, not putting you guys at fault AT ALL of course, this blog simply isn't good enough to warrant discussions and feedback like I had hoped. Sometimes I even wonder if anyone even reads this. I have a lot more fun focusing on watching the anime rather than writing about it for readers who I'm not sure even enjoy it. That and you guys voted for a FB page in a poll, and yet most of the people who have liked it are real life friends of mine rather than the 14 or so readers who voted for it, so it's a little saddening. For everyone who did like it though, thank you very much. And obviously none of this is all-inclusive, obviously thank you very much to those who've commented also. So yeah, I had tons of post ideas lined up, but no real motivation to do them so (its not definite yet) but I may just quit this altogether and figured I should tell everyone.

Thanks for reading,

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Fall 2011 Anime I'm Watching

So sorry I haven't posted in forever, school and boyfriend are keeping me busy and thanks to a snowstorm I lost internet for 2 days, I haven't even watched a hell of a lot of anime fact I'm really behind (Though who saw the most recent dubbed episode of Bleach? Tentacle rape much? My boyfriend's jaw dropped to the floor in shock at a fairly "normal" anime doing that) but I needed to get this done for you guys. Oh and I lost internet this weekend thanks to a foot of snow -.- Fun right? Anywho, for the sake of expediency I'm doin this a little different, I'm only gonna talk about the ones I actually decided to watch, there were none that were horrifically terrible that I feel the need to rant about, so it's senseless to talk about just not having much of an opinion them, that's boring for me to write, boring for you to read. I figure I only need to write about the bad stuff if it's really bad.

Bakuman 2:
This season is starting out pretty awesome just like the first...although slightly less awesome because of how they replaced Hattori. The new guy is sooooooo annoying and he's so happy and enthusiastic about everything like just shut up! Even when Ashirogi Mutou's ranking falls he's just like "oh it's no big deal, lookit this guy, you'll be fine" and his advice sucks.
Other than the annoying new editor though this season is the same type of good as the first one was and now Takagi and Mashiro are actual, serialized mangaka. Shockingly in one episode Mashiro and Azuki actually talk on the phone! Like with voice! ZOMG cuz you know heaven forbid they just talk to each other and go on dates and whatever else like a normal couple. The most hilarious thing that irks me about this is that I really want to read Shady Detective Trap but it's not actually a real manga! lol

Phi Brain:
This is a great one for anyone who enjoys mysteries, strategy and the like, also if you liked Spiral you'll most likely enjoy this. It surrounds...I believe the entire world in which some people are obsessed with solving puzzles, and to this end there is an organization called the POG that makes these puzzles. And see that guy with the poofy white hair, yeah there's something sinister about him and the POG. Now when I say puzzles I don't mean like jigsaw puzzles, I mean like life and death, high-stakes puzzles. One thing that I personally love about these types of anime are trying to solve the puzzles alongside the characters. This works especially well here since the main character, Daimon Kaito, is such an enjoyable character. Of course there's the useless, obnoxious female sidekick, but what shounen anime is complete without one of them to piss you off? In all honesty she's not that bad though, the worst is the guy w/ the red hair and big eye in that pic, I don't recall his name but his title is Galileo and he kind of makes me wanna hit him. This is a really good series though, and I can see it amounting to some interesting things.

Mirai Nikki:

I honestly went into this not expecting to like it very much...granted I barely knew a summary at the time but still, I didn't think a whole lot of it, and yet it turned out to be really quite good. The story surrounds...I wanna say 12 people but I'm not exactly sure how many, people all with these cellphone diaries that can tell the future. All of the diaries can see different things, the main character's just says random future happenings (Random Diary), the female lead's diary, the Yukiteru Diary can tell the future of anything that will happen to the main character, Yukiteru, at 10 minute intervals, some other guys (he's conveniently a police officer) can tell crimes before they happen. You get the picture. These people all have to use these diaries to win in a battle royale against each other. The goal: be the last man of the 12 alive; the prize: become God (maybe Light shoulda done it this way). Negative side though is as cool as the plot is, the two main characters are so irritating. The male protagonist reminds me of Ganta from Deadman Wonderland, sickeningly so in fact. He just whines about everything and whines about how he's a loner but chooses to be anyway and doesn't wanna be in this game, it's ridiculous, like shut up already, please! Then the female protagonist isn't so much annoying as she is creepy, she has a rather soulless air about her and has this stalker crush on Yukiteru. Regardless though, so far it's shaping up to be a good watch.

Also for those of you who are surprised UN-GO isn't on here, I tried it, and quite honestly it bored me a lot, nothing like the mysteries I was hoping for.

Thats really it, thanks for reading. Please comment, follow, like the FB page (especially this one, because you guys voted for it and its sitting there collecting cyber dust) Thanks a lot! See you next post =D

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Hidden Gems of Anime: Basilisk

this is a new post "series" I guess you could call it, just like my First Impressions and Top 10 Lists, hidden gems meaning anime that I've come across that are really good (not necessarily my favorites) and yet don't get a lot of popularity. Now anime that get posts like this are gonna be ones that I didn't do a post on for another reason, and/or don't appear in my Top 10 Lists a lot. Also before I get started, please in addition to commenting click that little Facebook 'Like' button on the side. By doing that you'll get to see smaller anime musings of mine, questions, funny pictures I come across, give me post suggestions, etc.

This is essentially a Romeo and Juliet but in feudal Japan, ninja form which is pretty awesome. The basis of it is that there's these 2 ninja clans that hate each other, the Koga and the Iga. For the past...I forget how many years, there'd been an anti-hostilities pact between them but that pact is nullified (by someone in the government, I forget who, maybe Ieyasu) and 10 warriors from each clan are ordered to fight each other to the death. Each clan has a scroll with the names of the 10 opposing ninja and they are to cross out the name in that person's blood when they are killed. Basically a last clan standing sort of deal. Now to throw a monkey wrench into the deal, Oboro the daughter of the Iga leader is engaged to Gennosuke, the Koga leader, and now the two lovers are forced to kill each other. It's carried out pretty well and as you can imagine it's really dark, also probably one of the bloodiest anime I've seen, but either way very good. It has a way of pulling you into the story so you develop "noooo they're dead!" or "finally! its about time someone killed them" feelings towards certain characters. It also manages to have a romance background, without focusing on that and getting really weighed down with "but I love him/her!" drama. Also all these ninja have special powers such as prehensile body hair, stretching, poison breath, summoning butterflies, etc. which is pretty neat, nice twist to the historical setting. Also as a nice bit of teasing to make you guys curious to watch this, I will say that the ending is very sad, it was one of the only anime to even bring me close to tears.

The 10 Iga clan warriors
The art for this anime was absolutely beautiful, not the most colorful thing in the world, but that fits the dark tone to the story. But I absolutely loved the quality and style of this art, especially the eyes, they're so stunning and they look very deep, like a real human eye. Hotarubi's butterflies are also done beautifully and it looks like they're glowing.

From what I recall the fight scenes are very fast-paced and done very smoothly, also very bloody but...yeah this is just a very bloody anime. There are what you'd call "ecchi" scenes but they're not for fan-service, it's usually a girl getting brutally raped or tortured or something which is yes very disturbing, it doesn't make you wanna punch the creators in the balls for filling the show with useless ecchi fluff, because it's really not. The only thing that really bugs me about the art is the body shapes/proportions of some characters, such as the old guy you see in the picture above, Rousai, who the hell thought it would be a good idea to give him a peanut head? Then that guy with the gray bumpy skin and then there's this other guy, Kazamachi Shougen I believe, who's literally part spider and looks part monkey, just why? What kind of weirdo thinks it's a good idea to draw characters like that? And don't even get me started on the dude who's chin looks like a rotting tumor.

Well to put it simply I watched this anime about 3yrs ago and I can still remember most of the characters names and powers, so that should say something right there. Some characters fit into stereotypes but not really in a bad way, most of them are also very unique and memorable. And yes that guy in the back, Kasumi Gyobu I believe, is in fact naked, he can melt into objects such as walls and become invisible.

One thing I liked about the characters is they all had depth to some extent, enough for you to sympathize with them, develop favorites and pick sides. Personally I enjoy characters like that, characters that we care about and for lack of a better term characters that seem real. And this anime definitely accomplishes that. Something else that I kind of enjoyed is it starts out as there's no clear villain, you just kind of pick a side (personally I like the Iga) but later on it turns out one guy actually is a villain, and a sick, twisted fuck at that. Actually...a lot of the characters are sick and twisted, but that doesn't mean they're not good, which they are.

Well obviously this is a really good series if I felt the need to title this post in the way that I did. So in stead of focusing on that I'm gonna try and compare this to something. I already gave the Romeo and Juilet analogy, which it's a lot like but it also reminded me of a very mature Naruto. If you make Naruto bloody and dark and more historical and cross it with Romeo and Juliet you get this. And actually now that I think of it Romeo and Juliet really is quite bloody and dark...not to the extent of this but still. Also some of the deaths and torture-esq scenes really are quite gruesome, there's also a rape scene or two, so basically what I'm saying is not for the faint of heart. If you're someone who's into a lot of flowery shoujo, as good as this is it might not be your best choice. I suppose I'll just leave you with the fact that this is a great anime, something I'd even rewatch if I had the time, the story is awesome and the ending honestly almost made me cry, and that's saying a lot.

*gasp*! I really don't have much to say here, just hope all the returning students are off to a good school year and please comment, subscribe, like the Facebook page (this especially), etc. Also, I'm probably not going to Comic Con this year because it's so expensive and I'm too lazy to make a costume and personally I'd feel weird without a costume. So probably no post on that =(

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Top 10 List: GAR Characters

Holy shit, so sorry guys for the lack of posting but I can't even tell you how much has been going on in my life lately. Just got back from vacation, complicated stuff with my boyfriend who's been over like every day for the past week, school starting soon and just general procrastination and life in general, a lot of which I feel no need to talk about here. So anyway, my apologies for the slow posts, especially for during the summer, but now we've got a GAR list. I guess I should probably explain what exactly GAR is first though for those who are unaware. GAR is basically an over-the-top level of sheer manliness and essentially just overflowing with bad-assery and testosterone. Best way I can describe it other than the closest thing to Chuck Norris in anime form. Without further delay, let the GAR madness begin! (btw, I simply type in in all caps cuz it seems more fitting)

Number 10: Alex Louise Armstrong (FullMetal Alchemist)
Armstrong is on that border between ridiculously manly and just downright gay, a border that really shouldn't even exist but for him it does. I mean really, c'mon, pink sparkles!? However he exhibits the creepy, and yet oh-so-GAR quality of randomly ripping off his shirt and doing various muscle flexes whenever he deems appropriate. Now why him instead of someone like Gray of Fairy Tail who does that too? Because Armstrong is FAR more muscular, to an absolutely disgusting degree and because unlike Gray he does it specifically to show off. His alchemy is also punching things, and not like 'BAM IN THE FACE!' more like 'HOLY SHIT HE JUST SHATTERED THAT BRICK WALL! IN ONE PUNCH!' that's pretty damn GAR if you ask me. His dub voice also contributes to it a bit, it's just very gruff and manly...seriously though...the pink sparkles...really? Those are a massive part of the reason why he's only number 10 on this list.

Number 9: Sanada Yukimura (Sengoku Basara)
He's overly loud, pretty bad-ass and has some strange, loud and obnoxious bromance with his commanding officer. Little weird but pretty GAR none the less. He kind of reminds me of Mushu's line in Mulan where he's like "Punch him, that's how men say 'hello'", that basically sums up Yukimura. Him and his commanding officer the Tiger of Kai basically punch each other across a room and yell each others names as a form of greeting. I can't tell whether that's manly or insane...though when I think about it those are synonymous sometimes. But anyway they do it in a sort of "Grrr look how manly and awesome I am!" kind of way. Yukimura is also the determined, "I'll kick everyone's ass", cocky type character which is also kinda GAR in his situation.

Number 8: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques (Bleach)
Grimmjow is GAR in a similar way that Yukimura is GAR, except in a far more bad-ass way rather than  a semi-silly way. Grimmjow is pretty much the epitome of kick-ass, hell he gets his freakin arm cut off and his chest slashed open and he's still all wanting to kick someones ass, and he does too. He beats Ichigo to a pulp at one point, and almost a second time. Seriously, how often does a main character get beaten like that? His "screw everyone" attitude and his physique are also quite GAR and he's just so overflowing with overconfidence but he's actually got the personality and fighting skills to back it up.

Grimmjow doesn't take shit from anyone either, not even Aizen who's his master, even to him he's still like "Well f*** you!" and when he gets his arm back he just kills off Luppi to regain his rank as the Sexta Espada, and he does this as if it's nothing if my memory serves me. He doesn't concern himself with weak opponents, he's so confident in his abilities that he searches out the strongest opponent in an area and fights only them, seeing the others as beneath him.

Number 7: Might Guy (Naruto)
Guy is so GAR that he's aware that he's GAR and flaunts it...along with being a creeper but that's beside the point. He takes everything to the extreme, especially his self-punishments for losing a challenge against Kakashi, like his 500 laps around the village for...I believe losing a game of rock, paper, scissor. He talks in a very GAR fashion, at least in the dub which is kind of hard to explain but it's like a very epic tone of voice.

Fighting/training wise? Well I already addressed the 500 laps around the village, and thats a big village I might add. He also trains with weights on his legs (where Lee got it from, like everything else) and goes freakin nuts when he opens the chakra gates. Also I feel the need to point out that over the course of the series he strikes several epic poses and at one point has a crashing wave behind him for fact the first time you see him he strikes a pose on top of a turtle...but that pose was just plain weird and not very GAR. He also has "THE POWER OF YOUTH!" whatever that means lol.

Number 6: Elfman (Fairy Tail)
This spot was originally going to be for Captain Yamamoto of Bleach but then I realized that the only real GAR thing about him is when he rips off his kimono top; he is JACKED for an old guy. But then I figured that Elfman fit this spot better for 1. his physique and physical strength, 2. his overall 'I'm a man!' persona. Elfman represents the gentler and less 'in your face' side of GAR, he's extremely manly as per the definition of GAR, but in a very different way. For one Elfman is extremely chivalrous and is extremely protective over his comrades, specifically women, especially his remaining sister Mirajane. He's also constantly spewing phrases obsessed with being a man, and he does things 'because he's a man' or 'a man would do this' he is obsessed with manliness, if that's not GAR I dunno what is, the only thing is he's not that epic about it which is why he's not higher on this list.

Number 5: Dante (Devil May Cry)
Not only is Dante bad-ass and extremely GAR, he's smexy. Honestly, look at that picture and tell me he's not smexy? For a living he shoots demons in the face like it's nothing, he gets skewered on a sword or spike or something at some point and doesn't die and he still kills the demon (if memory serves, I watched this about 3-4yrs ago). Yes ok, he eats strawberry sundaes and allows a little girl to redecorate his office all frilly and pink, but still, you know what happens when a place doesn't have his strawberry sundaes? He completely wrecks the owner, no like seriously in the first episode he shoots a guy in the head for not having a strawberry sundae and for saying they're childish. Also a good general rule of thumb is that most characters with a massive sword (save for Ichigo and Inuyasha and probably a few others) are probably pretty GAR, or at least borderline. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter that was not a perverted joke! Dante has a massive freakin sword, if only he used it more often...alright I'm digging myself into a hole here, I'm gonna shut up before this gets really bad.

Number 4: Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!)
Ok honestly now, this guy throws bitch-fits in the middle of a city, Ikebukuro no less. And not only are they bitch-fits, he goes on a screaming rampage at Izaya and throws vending machines. Yes. Vending machines, he picks them up and throws them across streets like it's nothing. Along with vending machines, street signs, you know, those things that are um, CEMENTED INTO THE GROUND!! Sure he's thin and lanky, but who cares, the way he fights and the way he screams "Izayaaaa!!!" with such hate is freakin nuts. During a fight with Izaya not only did they like destroy an area of Ikebukuro but Shizuo got ran over by a truck or...well he was under a truck for one reason or another and then he proceeds to lift that up too. This guy is freaking nuts and you'd have to be insane to not think he's GAR. HE THROWS VENDING MACHINES!! Look at the fear on that dudes face in the picture! I'm pretty sure anybody would shit their pants at the sight of that.

Number 3: Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)
First of all, he's fuckin huge. Second, he's intimidating as all hell and knows it, I mean really, his spiritual pressure. Third, it's damn near impossible to even cut the guy, let alone beat him. Hell, Ichigo beat him mostly on luck.

You know how you know he's GAR? Because I can say something about him that will sound an awful lot like a Chuck Norris fact: Kenpachi is so strong that he has to give himself handicaps so opponents wont die at the mere sight of him! The bells are a handicap, the eyepatch is a double handicap and he can't/doesn't bother to release his zanpaku-to, for Gods sakes he doesn't need it! He damn near slaughtered Ichigo without it! The torn clothes, the hair, the need for handicaps, the physique, the batle scars, the fact that he's almost invincible, yeah everything about this guy just screams GAR. And he takes immense joy in fighting.

Number 2: Adam Blade (Needless)
HE'S SO GAR THEY GAVE HIM NIPPLES! XD Ok that's a joke obviously but in all honesty, notice most anime guys don't have defined nipples (if at all) for some reason? Well Blade does, that just caught my eye since it's outta the ordinary and figured it would be funny to mention. But in all seriousness, look at the guy, that is beyond ripped. He never really loses a fight, you can't freakin kill the guy and he can learn any person's fragment and use their power by use of his special Zero Fragment. SPOILER!! For Christs sake this guy isn't even human! How he has blood yet mechanics inside I'll never know but he does. He's not only inhuman but he's a clone of The 2nd, the original needless. END SPOILER!! Whenever he wins a fight he has a super bad-ass way of...well I guess you can say "announcing" it, with his "JUDGMENT. EXECUTION" sequence that's pretty damn awesome. He is one of the needless closest to God in terms of sheer power! And for the record, take note of his sunglasses, I think he stole them from Kamina of Gurren Lagann but still.

Number 1: Toriko (Toriko)
By far the most muscular (ick) and bad-ass on this entire list, the king of GAR himself, Toriko. He's huge, tough and he's all about ass-kicking and food! He is the ultimate in GAR. In one of the very first episodes he punches a massive, 300yr-old killer crocodile IN THE FACE!! He can use his hands as forks and knives to attack that will literally cut through metal...WITH HIS BARE HANDS! And he takes out massive monsters single-handedly, again, with his bare hands. Toriko is so GAR he needs no weapons, his fork ad knife hand attacks and his insanely destructive Kugi Punch attack is good enough to fell any opponent.

His pet? Oh no big deal just an ancient killer wolf that's gonna grow up to be freakin huge, as well as a 2-headed dinosaur thing. He's one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Bishoku-ya and never fails to get his ingredient....though he does tend to eat a lot if not all of it upon capture. Which reminds me a serving of food for 500 people will only fill him up 1/10 so assuming my math is correct he needs to eat 5000 normal servings in order to be full. That's A LOT of food, it would explain why he devours whole animals on his own on occasion. Toriko is THE most GAR character.

So yeah, that's my GAR list, so sorry for not posting in a month, I've been doing so many things and I go back to school in a week. Junior year, can't believe it already. The Facebook page for this blog is now: (see the like button also on the side of the blog?) to keep you guys abreast on smaller anime thoughts of mine which should be pretty interesting. I look foreword to some commentary and discussions there, on that note, some comments here would be greatly appreciated. And best of luck to everyone returning to school, especially college.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First Impressions: Summer 2011 Anime I've tried

I'm not even sure if this deserves a whole post's probably only going to be a couple paragraphs because quite honestly this season to me, was shit. There're only 2 shows I'm watching from it and it's just cuz they're sequels. One I don't even like that much so far. Everything else, yeah some of it could keep me mildly interested, but not enough to watch the entire series. And after dropping so many last season I wanted to be careful of that.

These are the only two I'm watching this season: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 2 and Nurarihyon no Mago- Sennen Makyou. The former is really quite a disappointment so far, the first 2 episodes were nothing but useless fanservice and all the girls throwing obnoxious PMS fits at nothing. The 3rd episode wasn't much better but at least it got back to the school and summoned beings premise...sort of. I just hope it doesn't continue this way, I wanna see the conclusion of the fight between Class A and Class F. Nurarihyon no Mago- Sennen Makyou on the other hand is really quite good so far, better than the first season since there are more fights and less of Rikuo's friends, especially Kiyotsugu thank God I don't know how much more of him I can take -.- There's also quite a lot more of Night Rikuo, smexy and bad-ass so that's always appreciated.

Now honestly for the stuff I didn't decide to watch there really isn't much to say about any of them like usual so I'll just lump it all into one paragraph and comment on what I feel needs to be commented on. The only two I couldn't even take watching the full first episode of were Dantalian no Shoka and Kamisama Dolls. The European setting and Pandora Hearts/Gosick style in the former were the main things that really put me off from it, and Dalian's annoying monotoned voice, but that's not too bug of a deal, just somethin that got to me a bit. As for Kamisama Dolls I really couldn't tell ya what annoyed me about that one, but it was boring. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi I really wanted to like, but it was far too whiny even in the first two episodes. Sacred Seven was pretty decent, but it just didn't hold my interest enough. And last (I think, if not last one I care to mention) Kamisama no Memochou interestingly was the first anime in a while to require me to watch episode 3 before deciding and bottom line it was a let-down, I was expecting so much more mystery and intellect, but no such luck.

Anyway...yeah that's really it, told ya it'd be a short post. Coming up should be my Top 10 List: GAR Characters, then...I dunno, maybe a rant or a review of some sort. Any suggestions don't hesitate to tell me. As  per usual comments and subscriptions are always appreciated, also, please answer the poll to the top right of the blog. Thanks!

Friday, July 22, 2011


So the other day I started the anime Needless after many months of it being on my 'Want to Watch' list. It got bumped to the top of the list upon hearing that the main character is extremely GAR. Now not that I particularly like GAR characters, but soon I'll be doing a Top 10 List: GAR Characters, and if this character was supposedly so GAR, I wanted to see it prior to making the list. I honestly didn't expect much of this series seeing it tagged 'ecchi' (oh lovely -.-) but I gave it a try and much to my surprise, thus far it's AWESOME!! (By thus far I mean I'm up to episode 6 at this point).

Now I'm watching the dub of this so for anyone who has that in common, is it just me or does Blade sound a bit like Kenpachi of Bleach? I know they're not the same VA, but that was my first thought. The ecchi honestly isn't too bad, it makes sense in the fight scenes (which there are a lot of, I'll get to that in a minute) and it's not all BOOBS AND PANTY-SHOTS IN YOUR FACE BLOCKING THE SCREEN!!! There's some torn/skimpy clothing and bouncing boobs, but nothing that's obnoxiously contrived or out of place like a lot of fighting anime with ecchi. Along with that the female lead, Eve, isn't a sickeningly-busty, ecchi shot whore, she's actually a respectable character with some decent comedy scenes as well and boy does she kick some ass. Finally a good, action-packed, high-octane fighting anime without disgustingly obnoxious ecchi all over the place mucking it up.

With that in mind, the fight scenes are plentiful and I have yet to see a bad one, they're all completely over-the-top and insane, especially those involving the oh-so-GAR Adam Blade. For those who don't know, the ones fighting are the 'Needless', people who have various powers such as elements, transformation, copying, making things invisible or visible, etc. What I like about the supernatural powers in Needless as opposed to the norm, or something like say Tokyo Underground (a cookie to whoever's actually seen that one) is that the characters use their powers in ways you generally wouldn't expect. For example a needless that Eve and Cruz fought once seemingly  had several different powers because he was creating things out of thin air, floating, throwing weapons at high speeds and altering the battlefield. Needless can only have one power so naturally this confused them, once they figured out the kids power it made sense, it was all just one power used in several different ways, none of which being the expected for such a power. For those who don't mind minor SPOILERS!! the power was toggling the transparency of objects, making them visible and invisible at will. END SPOILER!! And that fight was highly strategic as well, which I enjoyed a lot. Bottom line, the fight scenes are awesome, and none of them are drawn out for episode upon episode like Bleach, Fairy Tail and especially Naruto so they never get boring to watch.

Last but not least is the colorful (literally) array of characters, pretty much all of which are likable. My personal favorites are Eve and Blade because yes even though they do get on my nerves on occasion (Eve with her nicknames, Blade with his pathetic womanizing) they're completely and utterly bad-ass.  Eve is probably one of the best female fighters in anime that I've seen. The only character that's unbearably annoying is Cruz because not only is he completely powerless, but he's a wimpy little bitch. He's constantly worrying about Blade screaming "Mr.Priest!!" like a little pansy and always like "No, we can't beat them, they're too strong, Mr.Priest is gonna die" I mean just shut up already! -.- Jeez he's like a male Orihime except probably more useless because at least Orihime has powers, this kids got nothing -.-

Mmkay, nice, semi-off-the-cuff post right there. Just cuz I figured it's rare I post on an individual anime itself so yeah, and I'm honestly really enjoying this one. Also, two updates to the blog as a whole: 1. I now added a better email subscribe button, so if you don't have Google Friend Connect or whatever that thing is to follow, you can simply put in your email adress and get email updates whenever I post! =D 2. See that nice poll on the top of the side bar to the right? If you'd be so kind to cast your vote it'd be much appreciated! Thanks a lot, see you guys next time...should be the  second Summer 2011 post which'll wind up VERY short.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 10 List: Anime Hoes

I guess this should really be called a 'Bottom 10 List' given that this is actually counting not only how slutty the characters are, but how much I hate them. Given that I utterly despise sluts of any sort, real or  anime...or any sort of fiction. Now I guess the fanboys might not like this post very much given that I'll be tearing apart characters with quite a lot of fan-service scenes (for the most part) so warning now. Also I feel the need to point out that Misa Amane of Death Note and Agnes Boulange of Shukufuku no Campanella just nearly escaped being on this list. Misa's justification being that she's only like that for her boyfriend, and refused to even so much as kiss another guy, even just in a movie, so I don't know that she can really be called a slut. Anyway:

Number 10: Ayame "Sa-chan" Sarutobi (Gintama)

Kay now if the subs on that picture don't explain it all She never stops whoring herself up to Gin and asks him to do sexually  abusive BDSM things to her. Not only does she ask but since she knows he wont do it she ties herself up in bondage-style in attempt to get him to do naughty things to her. All this while making sexual noises/faces and in front of a ton of other characters usually.

Hell even when Gin was in the hospital she wouldn't quit in her advances and sexually harassed him there too. Honestly I know its just for comedic effect given that Gintama is a comedy anime so thats why she's not high on this list, but either way she's still a hoebag. A desperate hoebag no less, she's not being slutty just to be slutty like some other characters, she's being slutty because she is that desperate.

Number 9: Kuroko Shirai (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
I absolutely hate this bitch. She was the sole reason I couldn't continue watching this anime, her slutty lesbian rapist antics just pissed me off way too much. Up to the point I saw, there wasn't a single episode where she didn't try to rape Mikoto. Mikoto would be having a cool moment and this stupid hoe would just come along like BOOB GROPE!!! out of nowhere, it was horrible.

She's also delusional and seems to think that Mikoto is her property or something, it's annoying as all hell. For Gods sakes she gets all upset and bent out of shape on the subject that Mikoto wears shorts under her skirt. Gee I wonder why! She even goes so far as to wear sexy underwear in attempt to get at Mikoto at night in their room, it's ridiculous. She's definitely one of the most straight up obnoxious sluts on this list. Her voice is also really freaking annoying but that really has no bearing here.

Number 8: Chizuru Honsho (Bleach)
Chizuru is a hoe much for the same reasons that Kuroko is, considering they're basically the same type of character, save for that Chizuru is more useless than Kuroko. Just to cover my bases, for the few who don't know Bleach Chizuru is the red-haired one doing the raping. Orihime, her constant victim, is the one being raped. Chizuru is absolutely obsessed over Orihime's boobs, it's insane, every time she gets the chance she'll literally jump in from nowhere and freak out and grab Orihime's boobs. Thankfully only to get beaten up by Tatsuki cuz quite honestly people, this bitch deserves a serious  beating many times over. And not only is she herself a slut, but she constantly makes Orihime temporarily her slut on multiple occasions. I also guess I should clear up that the reason I hate her and Kuroko has nothing to do with that they're lesbians. I know people are gonna attack me about it anyway so I don't know why I bother, but the fact that they're lesbians has nothing to do with why I hate them. Its the fact that they're slutty, rapist, hoebags.

Number 7: Shelley Maycraft (Shukufuku no Campanella)
Ok now I'm not gonna hold her outfit against her given that it's anime...even if she is theoretically a bit old to be wearing that given that she has a son who's...well I can guess he's well past adolescence. Strangely she looks good for her age O.o Anyway no, the reason I say she's a hoe is because she flirts with her own son! Very sexually I might add.

Not only is that slutty but just...why? It's reallly just gross. Like honestly, even if your mom did look like that, would you want her flirting with you and seducing you? No probably not if only for the simple fact that...oh I don't know...she's still your mom! Her constant advances on Leicester honestly scared me throughout the entirety of this anime, very rarely did she have a scene where she didn't do that to some degree. If memory serves she also would try to flirt with several (of the few) other male characters and/or I believe compare breast sizes with the female characters...or something to that effect, I can't entirely remember. But she just takes a woman's quest for eternal youth a bit too far if it means doing crap like that, while she's married mind you.

Number 6: Okoi (Basilisk)
This was a close one between her and Kagerou but I figured letting everybody you fight touch you all over is more slutty than seducing and kissing every male you fight with. Now yes I know that Okoi only does this because it's part of her power, she absorbs people's blood with skin-to-skin contact, but honestly, she lets...I believe its either Rousai or Nenki grab her boob in order to do this. She also wears slightly more revealing clothing than the other kunoichi in order to accomplish this as well which only really stands out in this anime because this is one of the few with little to no scantily-clad women and relatively little fanservice given the mature target audience.  Anywho though, regardless of the reason, she lets herself be touched/rubbed/groped all over...thaaaats pretty slutty.

Number 5: Kikyo (InuYasha)
If I'm not mistaken I did a rant on her before and she's probably the only one on this list without a sexual scene or ecchi scene or panty-shot of some sort. Then why, you may ask, is she on this list? Well simply because she spends the entire series trying to get into Inuyasha's You can't freaking kill her either! No matter how many times she's killed somehow or another she comes back to chase after Inuyasha some more. And don't even try to say "oh she just does that because she's trying to kill him because she still thinks he's evil." no, just no. Earlier in the series when she finally gets Inuyasha alone she like seduces him and kisses him and shit. Maybe she very well does wanna take him to hell, but I bet only so she can seduce him and do things with him without Kagome around. Honestly throughout the entire series she rarely does anything save for trying to get at Inuyasha any time she sees him, yeah a long the way she stops to help some people, but thats really it. She's not higher on this list cuz yeah, they were together at one point and they did love each other, so I guess I can't freak out on her too too much but ugh...she also just irks me a lot.

Number 4: Mitsuhide Akechi (Battle Girls: Time Paradox)
She's basically the same as Kuroko and Chizuru, however the reason that she's higher on the list than they are is for the fact that her advances on her victim are far more sexual and desperate than the other two. The last episode I watched of Battle Girls: Time Paradox was the one where they were doing a play and all Mitsuhide tried to do was come up with ways to have sex with Nobunaga and fantasized about sleeping with her. I can't even tell you how annoying that was, pretty much all her lines in that episode was her blushing and desperately wanting to get into Nobunaga's...well....she doesn't wear pants so I'll go with armor. She acts as if her life depends on it, or at the very least seems like she orgasms over Nobunaga constantly...which she probably does. Not only that but she's annoyingly possessive over Nobunaga to this end, whenever Nobunaga is nice to Hideyoshi she flips a shit and gets jealous, as if Nobunaga were sleeping with Hideyoshi instead of her. Now again, I'm not harping on her cuz it's girl-on-girl, honestly in a world of only females I'd assume there'd be a fair amount of that, it's just the way she goes about doing it that's skanky and really pisses me off. She has that "Oh *blush and moan* you can have my body and do naughty things to me" persona all the time, you don't get much more desperate than that.

Number 3: Simca (Air Gear)
Huh, haven't talked about Air Gear on here since the eye patch list, surprising considering how much I enjoyed that anime. Anyway though, Simca really is in all senses of the word, a slut. Ringo even outright calls her a skank at one point, albeit not to her face, as awesome as that would have been. In either the first or second episode you see her skating around an AT event teasing guys and letting them slap stickers on her ass. When Ikki asks to do so, she teases him further and says only if he can catch her. Later on in the series she winds up in Ikki's bed naked with him when he wakes up and...I believe she was naked in front of him on another occasion but I don't know for sure...a shower/bath scene with Ikki comes to mind. She seduces him all throughout the series, thus making Ringo extremely jealous and Ikki freaking falls for it! Ugh -.- boys.

As if her behavior towards Ikki and various other guys throughout the span of the series wasn't enough, honestly, why would you ride AT's in such a short dress?! To attract sexual attention of course! Honestly, at least Ume, Ringo, Rika and most other girls in the anime have the decency to wear pants when they ride AT's. But Simca? Nope. She just flies around high in the air, jumping over people, doing flips, ect. all with just a short little dress to "cover" herself. The funny part is she knows how much she teases all the boys and takes pleasure in it. The sad part? I can't say people like this are confined to anime, they really exist -.-

Number 2: Misuzu Kusakabe (11Eyes)
Shocking she's not first right? Given the very first post  I ever wrote was about how she's such a slut. Throughout the entire series she's literally constantly trying to lose her virginity to Kakeru, despite knowing he has feelings for Yuka. She uses any excuse do do sexual things with him, usually using her clan abilities as some dumb excuse. Because apparently being naked in a candle-lit room together will save his life -.- Especially if you wake up with your face in his naked lap the next morning, yes, wonderful plan Misuzu because that's not just an excuse to see and do other things to Kakeru's dick -.- And when she manipulates him into having sex with her at the end of the series because it'll save the world I mean come on, really? Really?! For even more elaboration on how she's a slut, see my very first post.

Number 1: Riko Mine (Hidan no Aria)
I never thought I'd see the day when I can find a character more slutty and more disgusting and more annoying than Misuzu, but in watching Hidan no Aria I was proven wrong. Riko is always seducing, stripping for and attempting to rape Kinji...and arouse him in various other ways. And her goal really is to arouse him, because when he's aroused he goes into Hysteria Mode and thinks/fights a lot better. But almost always when they're together she tries to arouse him.

Once they were taking a test and she layed on his lap and put his only pencil in between her breasts, saying that he needed to get it in order to finish the test, and moaned when he proceeded to do so. She would often tell others (especially Aria) that they had done sexual things. Once she all-but raped an unsuspecting Kinji after tackling him to a bed and she never hesitates to show him as much skin as possible. Actually, scratch that, often when she get's the chance she'll strip down to her panties and bra in front of him jut cuz. She takes the opposite of the girls who'll freak out and smack a guy for a perverted misunderstanding to an extreme, and it's just as annoying if not more so with the frequency that she does it. To top that off she's an absolute bitch. All of these reasons combined and...God you just need to see some of the shit she pulls [off], and that is exactly why Riko Mine is anime's #1 Hoe.

Ugh -.- Sorry this is late, my life has been a drama fest and I've been procrastinating a lot and argh -.- It's been horrible. So hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any suggestions for posts don't hesitate to ask. Next post should probably be the 'Summer 2011 First Impressions' one.